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“Down Hershey Drive”
Radford Wine
Acrylic on panel

“We wanted to give our mother something truly special for her 60th birthday
and knew that a painting by Radford would be the perfect gift.  We love his work, as does our mother.  Radford walked the lands where our mother strolled as a little girl and we decided that the country lane would make a wonderful composition.  The land has changed since the painting, but we have the memories captured within this work.   She was speechless when we presented the painting!It was a pleasure working with Radford and we just love him!  He is talented and does
just what he says he will do, when he says he will do it. 
Oh, and he loves us also.”

Sisters Margie S. and Kim F. 

Contact the artist
email:  rw@radfordwine.com


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